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Development Authority of Bulloch County and Statesboro - Bulloch Chamber of Commerce. 201 South Main St., Suite A | Statesboro, GA 30459. 912.489.9117 |

Location Advantages


Statesboro, home to Georgia Southern University and beautifully scenic Bulloch County, formed in 1796. Together, they create the synergy and one-two power of the Boro Boost, which assures:

  • Utmost speed to market
  • Higher workforce performance
  • Superior profitability

Boost startup with ready-to-roll sites like the Southern Gateway Commerce Park with 180 pad-ready acres; other sites include the Airport Industrial Park, offering two runways 6,000 and 4,831 feet in length.

Boost speed and reach with multimodal transit and a central Coastal Plain location.

  • Proximity: Just a 45-minute drive from the Port of Savannah
    • North America’s largest single-terminal container facility and the nation’s 3rd fastest growing port; a population 34.6 million within 300 miles.
  • Immediate I-16 and US Highway 301 access; U.S. Highway 80 nearby and multiple interstate connections within 100 miles.
  • Short line connection to NS Class I service
  • Air connections including Statesboro-Bullock County Airport, Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport (50 miles away), and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (200 miles away).

Boost performance with a robust labor pool.

  • Size: 130,000 strong and growing
  • Agile, global skills
  • A training infrastructure integrating skills seamlessly:
    • Continuous development program spanning middle school, high school, and technical college and university. Custom training also available through Georgia Quick Start, the nation’s #1 development program.
  • Key collaborators: Ogeechee Technical College and Georgia Southern University, a Carnegie R/2 university.

Boost profitability and reach ROI faster with low costs and lucrative incentives like Georgia’s Tier 1 Job Tax credits.

Boost life quality and options in an affordable, vibrant university environment that ups your game, personally and professionally.


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