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Great Dane Statesboro Ramps Up Hiring


At Great Dane Statesboro, excellence is built into each trailer that rolls off the line. 

The manufacturing plant first broke ground in 2011, and by April 2012, the plant’s first refrigerated trailers were completing production. 

Today, the plant is more than 400 employees strong, with plans to expand to a workforce of nearly 500 by year’s end. 

Across the country, Great Dane is seeking committed craftsmen who are ready to make something that makes a difference. 

People who appreciate making something with their hands, and building a better life for themselves, their family, and the community. 

The national trailer manufacturer is proud to play a crucial role in producing the heavy-duty trailers that are carrying COVID-19 vaccines and medical supplies across the country, bringing hope and relief to millions of Americans.

At the company’s 11 manufacturing plants across the country, hiring is ramping up as the economy rebounds from an unprecedented year. 

Here too in Statesboro, Great Dane is seeking to immediately add employees to its ranks as the plant rises to meet increased production demand. 

The trucking industry is playing an ever-increasing role in delivering goods to homes across the nation, and Great Dane Statesboro is ready to rise to meet demand. 

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